Hey everybody, I created PenelopeWild almost eight years ago. Though it hasn’t taken off the way I would have hoped, and I haven’t worked as hard as I feel I could and should have, Penelope is me, and I am it. So yeah, Penelope ain’t going nowhere…no time soon. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Today begins the start ofContinue reading “PenelopeWild”


I feel like a big ass ocean with words and thoughts as waves. Except they never reach the shore. No one knows the words and maybe I don’t know them either. I ONLY want to do what makes me happy and what makes me feel GOOD. The stress to be great, noticed, and different limitsContinue reading “Oceanic”


I used to hate the color blue. Made me uncomfortable and I didn’t understand it. I couldn’t feel it. Now it means more to me than a color. It’s a process. Sometimes a state of being. A feeling at times. It’s therapeutic. Calming. And I desire more. Every heart, every ocean, every word, everything. GoesContinue reading “Blue.”

I’m Okay With That

I’m not the girl who catches your attention because I’m not the girl with the perfect ass and the fake boobs. You’ll never ask for my number cus I’m just not the type that you would choose.  Ever. I don’t have long legs. They’re thick and full. And if I did you’d just find somethingContinue reading “I’m Okay With That”

I’m 23 Bitches!

The more I try to hold on to the “little goodie-two-shoes” girl that I’ve obviously outgrown, the more constricted and unhappy I feel! And each year when my birthday comes around, I’m forced to become a bolder woman. So, to that little annoying good girl that tries to control my life all the time. FuckContinue reading “I’m 23 Bitches!”

Romance, Shmomance

So, I’m sitting here thinking about my boyfriend, my life, and everyone else’s. I realize that we really romanticize life! Only to be let down when we discover life is not a fairytale. Everyone has a life goal to find their “soul mate”, their “other half”… Blah blah.  In our eyes they’re gonna be perfectContinue reading “Romance, Shmomance”