A handful of thought and feelings

There are times when I wish I my father hadn’t died. When I wish I could somehow go back in time and try to keep him alive. Maybe he had lost his will to live and had nothing to fight for. Maybe I could’ve been that person he would fight for.  Maybe one day, I’llContinue reading “A handful of thought and feelings”

Why I Don’t Want To Be In Love

You think about him all the time. Day and night. Afternoon. On your lunch breaks. Even when you’re working! This is what society calls being in love. Another person controls your mind , your actions, and your emotions. I don’t want that. I want unconditional love. It’s what really matters anyway. The fact that IContinue reading “Why I Don’t Want To Be In Love”

The Love of My Life

The love of my life is a woman with an addictive personality. When she drinks, she becomes unbearable. I hate her when she’s this way. I hate the things she says, her words cut so deeply. I hate when she hits me, I’m only trying to help. But I can’t help her. That’s the sadContinue reading “The Love of My Life”