Remember I was asking myself ”What‘s going on with me? “ Well, I’ve still been thinking and I haven’t been able to come up with anything other than what I already had. Bummer. In other news though 😊, I have promised myself that I would not stress over the dream anymore. There’s no point sinceContinue reading “Update!”


Eleven years ago I lost my virginity. Instead of retelling that awkward, but liberating story, I’ve decided to think about what else was going on in my life at that time and think hard about it too. I hope to learn something new about myself and answer the question: “does it matter how you lostContinue reading “HOW DID YOU LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY? DOES IT MATTER?”

Despite What Society Teaches You, Men Can Control Themselves!

You know what irks my soul? (For those who don’t know what irks my soul means, it means grinds my gears, gets on my last nerve, or just bothers me.) 😏 Anyway, the thing that irks my soul is how society has painted men into nasty, immoral, filthy pigs not held accountable for their choices. Continue reading “Despite What Society Teaches You, Men Can Control Themselves!”