Valentine’s Day (2016) ❤️

This glorious holiday of love was two weeks ago (apparently this was never posted 😞) and I hope you all enjoyed it ☺️ I hope you gave love as well as received. As everyone knows, I work at Whole Foods Market and when I started my shift yesterday I kept thinking, “I need to blog!”Continue reading “Valentine’s Day (2016) ❤️”

No Love Lost, No Love Found

It’s so funny now that time has passed. It’s crazy that that I didn’t realize how stupid, emotional, and codependent I was. I lay here tonight watching being Mary Jane (a little tipsy), and I’m reminded of my first love. Well actually I’m not quite sure if it was love that kept me returning. ButContinue reading “No Love Lost, No Love Found”

Everything is Everything

Happiness. Misery. It’s all a part of being human. Life is an equation. Happiness+Misery+Sex+Death= LIFE. That’s pretty much it! I mean, think about it. 😐 Unless you’re a vampire, this is what you have to look forward to, for how many ever years you have to live on this earth. The interesting part is thatContinue reading “Everything is Everything”

Why I Don’t Want To Be In Love

You think about him all the time. Day and night. Afternoon. On your lunch breaks. Even when you’re working! This is what society calls being in love. Another person controls your mind , your actions, and your emotions. I don’t want that. I want unconditional love. It’s what really matters anyway. The fact that IContinue reading “Why I Don’t Want To Be In Love”

I’m 23 Bitches!

The more I try to hold on to the “little goodie-two-shoes” girl that I’ve obviously outgrown, the more constricted and unhappy I feel! And each year when my birthday comes around, I’m forced to become a bolder woman. So, to that little annoying good girl that tries to control my life all the time. FuckContinue reading “I’m 23 Bitches!”