In a Moment 

Change happens in a single moment. Let’s harness that power. 😎

Delicacies captured, Form waves of passion. In you, I see me. And now I see more.

I’ve decided my posts will be accounts of my everyday living. Maybe that’ll help me become a better writer, you know, keep the thoughts flowing and the words coming. I judge my writing so harshly that at times I forget to enjoy what I’m doing. I always feel like I’m writing an essay that will…

The Love of My Life

The love of my life is a woman with an addictive personality. When she drinks, she becomes unbearable. I hate her when she’s this way. I hate the things she says, her words cut so deeply. I hate when she hits me, I’m only trying to help. But I can’t help her. That’s the sad…

Diet Change

I started eating fish again guys! It’s for a combination of personal and health reasons which I’ll share in another post. I had baked tilapia. I’m feeling a bit sick right now. I have a pain on my right side and my lower abdomen. Almost like bubbles. 😦 I sorta wanna vomit too… Dom.