A handful of thought and feelings

There are times when I wish I my father hadn’t died. When I wish I could somehow go back in time and try to keep him alive. Maybe he had lost his will to live and had nothing to fight for. Maybe I could’ve been that person he would fight for.  Maybe one day, I’llContinue reading “A handful of thought and feelings”

Stop Lying to Yourself. You’re Selling Yourself Short!

After sex with my boyfriend I lay in his bed with my blog on my mind.  I received notifications, likes, new followers… It dawned on me. This is what I want. I want to be a famous blogger. I want MY voice to be heard and to be IMPORTANT. I cannot stop until it’s aContinue reading “Stop Lying to Yourself. You’re Selling Yourself Short!”

My Weight Loss Journey Begins 

I have never been so sore in my life.  Yesterday was my first day working out with a personal trainer and boy, they do not play around! If you remember, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to lose weight and even though I didn’t start in January, I’m not giving up.  This was theContinue reading “My Weight Loss Journey Begins “

Valentine’s Day (2016) ❤️

This glorious holiday of love was two weeks ago (apparently this was never posted 😞) and I hope you all enjoyed it ☺️ I hope you gave love as well as received. As everyone knows, I work at Whole Foods Market and when I started my shift yesterday I kept thinking, “I need to blog!”Continue reading “Valentine’s Day (2016) ❤️”

Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Better

I wrote a post like this a while back and you guys loved it! Today is another great opportunity for a post like that one. My boyfriend and I had a conversation about religion, a higher power, and spirituality a few nights ago. I know what you’re thinking…. “That’s a recipe for disaster.” Well, you’reContinue reading “Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Better”

You May Have a Food Addiction!!

Ever eat when you’re bored? Sad? Full? In my opinion, you might have a food addiction. Whether minor or severe, it’s there. I like the feeling food gives me. I feel comfortable when I eat, as most people do. If you look at it the way you would look at someone who’s addicted to alcoholContinue reading “You May Have a Food Addiction!!”

How I Plan to Travel the World, One Paycheck at a Time

I have a sister who lives right outside of Columbus, Ohio and I’m visiting for the New Year. I haven’t seen her in almost a year so, i was excited to see her. Being from Chicago, when I travel, other cities tend to look tiny. I don’t know why lol, but they do. The buildingsContinue reading “How I Plan to Travel the World, One Paycheck at a Time”