Learning To Be Grateful 

Gratefulness can take you a long way. It brings blessings to you and it drives curses away. Gratefulness is like planting seeds and expecting your garden to grow.  Gratefulness tell the universe “I love what I have, give me more.” An attitude of gratefulness creates a peaceful place despite the storm that may be happeningContinue reading “Learning To Be Grateful “

Despite What Society Teaches You, Men Can Control Themselves!

You know what irks my soul? (For those who don’t know what irks my soul means, it means grinds my gears, gets on my last nerve, or just bothers me.) 😏 Anyway, the thing that irks my soul is how society has painted men into nasty, immoral, filthy pigs not held accountable for their choices. Continue reading “Despite What Society Teaches You, Men Can Control Themselves!”