Pizza With My Niece and Nephews!

Sooo…this past weekend was exciting! I spent a short amount of time with my niece and nephews, but it was worth it. We made pizza from scratch and they really enjoyed it. (Except the tiny one. He fell asleep while eating lol.) Anyway, I really love moments like this because I’m the aunt that’s REALLYContinue reading “Pizza With My Niece and Nephews!”

My Purpose Is…

Sooo, I just woke up. It’s Thursday morning and I am still a little bit sleepy. But, the birds are chirping, the sun is bright, and despite the news I got last night, I am hopeful and feeling quite positive about my future. Often I think about the purpose of it all. The reason IContinue reading “My Purpose Is…”

Do I Really Want to Be A Wife? ^^^^ I must say I am amused. While I can appreciate the gestures that these rules express..ummm…I just can’t imagine my day evolving only around my children and my husband. For those of you who didn’t click the link I’ll tell you the said rules of being a “good 1950’s housewife” lol. Rule #1!Continue reading “Do I Really Want to Be A Wife?”

Piece of Crap Ass Pillow -_-

So, before I broke up with my boyfriend last year, I bought him a Christmas gift. I must say it turned out to be a piece of crap. It was a pillow. He had just moved into his new apartment and didn’t have any yet. So, I bought one. [ Wasn’t I a good girlfriend?] Fast-forwardContinue reading “Piece of Crap Ass Pillow -_-“


If you look close enough, you can see my lovely curves. […yeah, right there.] Those super wide hips, those wide feet,  and those short and stumpy legs. But, this post isn’t about what you see. It’s about LOVING what you see. Which leads me to our New Year’s Resolution, folks! ( Which I’ll blog aboutContinue reading “My Curvy Ass Body…NOW FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURS”