4 Months Behind, 3 Weeks Of Insanity

It’s been about three weeks since I quit my job. About five months in quarantine and I’m wondering, “how the hell did y’all get through?!” Some of you have been on lockdown since the start of the pandemic in February. I’ve been home for twenty-one days and my significant other is driving me crazy!

We’re not gonna even talk about my non-existent sex life. I’ve ordered tons of things online (including sexy toys that I’ve lost already. Why are they so small? 😑) I’ve walked around my neighborhood, I’ve tried new alcoholic drinks, I’ve meditated, I’ve watched beef breakdown on YouTube , and I can tell you if I watch another documentary, I’m gonna start to question my sanity. (By the way, thank God they finally arrested Ghislaine Maxwell‼️👍🏾

It doesn’t help that we can’t explore the city either! We can’t swim at the beach, we can’t dine-in at restaurants, all festivals have been canceled. Mind you, I live in Chicago, so that’s a nice amount of festivals gone bye bye!

AND SO I SUPPOSE that all I can do is rearrange my apartment, practice my Spanish, better my singing voice, workout, learn a new skill, walk around the city, and y’all all know I like to get on my boyfriend’s nerve. 😇😎

There. That’s my plan. Haha

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