My Hair😕

Hey y’all!

Soooo…I took a break from my natural hair. Like a year and a half break . I never used chemicals, but I kept it hidden.

Yes, I used to be #teamnatural

Lately I had been lazy. Lately meaning a whole year and half lol.

I kept it hidden so long that I almost fell back into the small box that so many people are still in.

Favoring the European look…

I even started wearing long horse-hair tracks again. 😂😂

Sorry, that’s what I call them.

I bought a cheap phony-pony to wear. And it just WASNT WORKING FOR ME.

It was just ugly. Color didn’t match, I mean it just didn’t look nice. It looked as PHONY AS IT WAS. It only cost me $10.99. 🤷🏽‍♀️ You get what you pay for most times, so whatever lol.

Anyway…I’m getting ready for work, running late like I always am. (Yay me) 🙃 I’m looking in the mirror like “this is ugly as hell!”

I tried it again. Hurting and forcing my hair to stretch in a ponytail that could never look better than how it looked.

I had to do what was best. I mean I couldn’t go outside with a damn raccoon on my head. I wet my hair, combed it through; with the wrong type of comb might I add…yikes! It was so painful.

And I left out the door.

With an Afro.

In 75 degree weather.

Taking public transportation.

I was so afraid. I kept thinking negatively, then positively over and over again.

Buuuut, the closer I got to the bus stop, the more confident I became. I held my head high! I was more bold. My posture changed. Along with my walk.

Man, I missed this!

I really did. It’s who I am! I looked younger. I got more attention. And I looooove attention! 🥰🥰

So, I came home and I immediately conditioned my hair and twisted it for tomorrow. My twist out is gonna be so freakin fabulous!

I missed you so much, hair. I really did.

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