Back of the Bus and the Need for Rest

Why do I always go to the back of the bus?

Why am I comfortable here?

A lot of people are.

I think it may be because I’m alone and can observe everyone freely.

Anything but me being observed lol.

Well here I am again. In the back. Typing away. Being more consistent. You know, with my whole blogging thing.

Yesterday was a horrible day.

Thursday’s are for forgetting, and I surely forgot to refuse to have a bad day. I mean I tried.

It halfway worked. 😕

I realized it’s so important to rest, even when you’re not so sure you need to rest.

I came in from work and was left alone to babysit, I was hungry, realized there’s money missing out my checking account 🙄, sexually frustrated, and a bunch of other things. Ugh…

If I were mindful of my needs and the need to communicate with my sister, maybe I wouldn’t have had a mental breakdown and cried sitting on the toilet. I’m sure I wouldn’t have yelled at my little two year old nephew. (I’m sure a hyphen is supposed to go someplace there.)

Anywayyyyy… I wouldn’t have stayed in my work attire for 3 hours. I didn’t even sit down you guys. I’m just used to going, going, going.

Guess who made me feel better!

My nephew. Yeah, the one I yelled at…😇😇 He’s an angel.

I took a shower, laid in bed, and took pics with him on Snapchat.

He loves the doggie filter.

I’m already having a better day today.

It’s really important to think ahead and prevent things from happening, if possible.

Friday’s are for getting things done. Complete what you haven’t. The weekend is here, folks. Enjoy 😉

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