Powerful Thinking, Powerful Thinking!

Hi, you guys!

Today I did something powerful. Remember me wanting to be a better woman? If you don’t remember, here you go.

Well, today I feel like I had a breakthrough, thanks to identifying my negative thought patterns. I mean I’m not acting like I’m healed, but I’m one step closer to figuring out this complex soul of mine.

My insecurities are my flaws. My insecurities are roots to my sadness.

If I learn to love myself unconditionally and genuinely, I believe I will be happier.

But everyone says that!! What does that meeaaan???? Here’s my opinion.

I need to experience life without being drawn to people because they make me feel less empty.

Or because they unknowingly play in my fantasy world I’ve created. In this world, I don’t have any of my “flaws.”

I’m not as sensitive, I’m not overweight, I’m more intelligent, I’m not as dark, I don’t live in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Chicago, I finished college… 😞

Blah blah blah.

I have been subconsciously looking for people to help mask the feelings of insecurity. And when they can’t?

Well, that’s another post.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. I’m committed to being better.

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