Am I a Woman?

A woman is not a girl.

A woman was a girl.

There is a big difference and I have a better sense of that since I turned twenty-six years old yesterday.

I’ve had a week long vacation. ( yassssss 😎)

I made a commitment to be more free and open during my vacation. It worked! I was! It felt good!

Fast forward to this morning and I feel horrible. I tried for an hour to put my finger on the real reason I was crying and thats when I realized that I was maturing.

I was actively seeking to understand my emotions as well as my negative thinking habits, so that I could change them.

Even though I credit most of my terrible morning to my hormones and lack of quality sleep, I’ve realized I have triggers.

So anyway, I’ll get back to that story in a minute….

There are a few things that God, yes I said God, put in my heart to focus more on.

1. Receiving positivity, recognizing negativity.

2. Handling emotions.

3. Womanly energy.

4. Discipline.

Now, should break it down to y’all?

I think I shall! 😜

1. Receiving positivity, recognizing negativity

The universe is you. What you feel is life, is in fact, life. What you believe will come to you, WILL COME TO YOU. Positivity is all around us, inside of us. Nature, love, and food are examples of this. CHOOSE to see the positive in every situation and a huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders. In my opinion, EVERYTHING is fundamentally good. The bad stuff? It happens. You should be aware. Don’t become it. Don’t let it consume you. Recognize it. Reject it.

2. Handling emotions

Identifying my triggers is a huge task. But it helps me handle my emotions with more ease. Another huge task for me is identifying my bad thinking habits. Lots of times, my negative thinking tricks me into thinking I’m protecting myself.

It’s all lies.

Communicating honestly, openly, and appropriately is something I am forcing myself to do as well. This one is so hard 😩

All of these things help with handling my emotions

3. Womanly energy

Hence the name of this post.

I’ve been thinking about getting a moon tattoo. It’s such a powerful image, represents so much.

I’m also deciding what type of woman I want to be. I appreciate my femininity more and I want to be more conscious of the energy I’m releasing to others.

4. We already know what discipline is.

we all need more of it. It’s built, not inherent.

Back to my story.

I cried for an hour, called my ex, discovered that I was hormonal, realized I was sleep deprived, and finally calmed down.

I took my anger out on a new friend.

I focused my anger toward anything that annoyed me.

Anyone who experienced me at that time, was not blessed by my energy. Or were they?


A girl who is not a woman just yet.

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