Learning To Be Grateful 

Gratefulness can take you a long way. It brings blessings to you and it drives curses away.

Gratefulness is like planting seeds and expecting your garden to grow. 

Gratefulness tell the universe “I love what I have, give me more.”

An attitude of gratefulness creates a peaceful place despite the storm that may be happening around you. When we learn to value and appreciate the things we have, we inevetably receive MORE. 

Our minds are often focused on things that we lack; the next best thing. While it’s okay to WANT more, we should remember to love what we already have. 

Someone, someplace has LESS. 

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day all happened just a few months ago. Hopefully we were all with our families or people that we wanted to be around. 

I’m carrrying the holiday spirit into the new year. No more crying and complaining about the car I want, the business I want, the job I want, the boyfriend I want, the clothes I want, the family I want…blah blah blah. 

Instead I’m going to be grateful and actually WORK AND DO THINGS THAT WILL HELP ME GET THE THINGS I DESIRE. 

Imagine working for something so hard, but not being appreciative of what we already we have. 

When we get the money we wanted or the boyfriend we wanted, how will we feel? 

We will be ungrateful and looking for the next best thing because that is all that we know how to do.  

In a way, gratefulness is a skill, a discipline, a muscle. It has to be built and made stronger.

So let’s build it, mold it, make it tougher. No matter what happens, let’s be grateful.  

The little that we have is GREAT to SOMEONE.

Thanks for reading this post. I’m grateful to you all. 😊😘😘

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