So I’m back to the 9 to 5

I got a new job at another gas station. This is my second one. 😔 

Not too happy about this. We all know that I hate cashiering and working in retail. I’m good at it, but it’s just not what I enjoy doing.

I definitely failed myself these last few months, quite miserably actually. I mean I quit  my job at Whole Foods and thought I could Uber full time. The problem was that I lacked the ambition to follow through. 

I mean my plan made sense, but I didn’t have enough drive and focus to get it done. My plan was to take advantage of the flexibility of Uber and sew and work on my clothing line whenever I could. I just got so discouraged. 

Everything happens for a reason though! At first I was depressed. I mean I cried my pillow out! I talked my boyfriends ears off. I tried to explain to my mom and sister how I was feeling and why, but they just didn’t get it. 

Perhaps because they didn’t know how badly I thought that I could accomplish starting my own business. 

My mommy constantly suggests jobs for me. They’re often long term jobs. You know, the jobs that you HAVE to keep for a couple years because so much goes into it, plus it pays so well? Haha…I never really know what to tell her. What I want to say is, “No, Mommy. I don’t want to do that. I want my own business.” 

But it always sounds silly to me. I guess because I don’t think she’ll believe I can do it. 

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