Despite What Society Teaches You, Men Can Control Themselves!

You know what irks my soul? (For those who don’t know what irks my soul means, it means grinds my gears, gets on my last nerve, or just bothers me.) 😏

Anyway, the thing that irks my soul is how society has painted men into nasty, immoral, filthy pigs not held accountable for their choices. 

For some reason we believe that they cannot control themselves when it comes to their sexual desires and urges.

Often times we give men “passes”.

We forgive the man who commits the crime, but will blame the person who “tempted” them.

I was watching a court show. You know, like a Judge Mathis and Judge Judy type show. (There’s so many, I can’t keep up these days). Anyway, I watched annoyed as the defendant’s (a man) betrayal to his best friend was excused because he was tempted by her. 


Come on people! 

We witness this in the media all the time. So many women have been raped and blamed for it because they were walking late at night when it happened, or happened to be attractive. 

I mean who are we as women to be looking attractive after 10pm, right? 


It’s the same way in relationships too! A woman will get cheated on and she’ll be angry as all hell at the person who he cheated with instead of her significant other.

I mean he’s only the one person who was supposed to be HONEST and LOYAL to you. 

It’s not his fault he penetrated her. She must’ve made him do it, so I’ll just beat her ass 😒😑.  Seriously?

Listen up. I understand. It does seem like men can’t control themselves most of the time, and yes women are traditionally looked at as, dare I say, sexual objects, distractions, forbidden fruit, etc. It’s hard to feel valued as a woman when all that matters is your assets. 

We’re often left thinking “I do have a brain, thoughts, feelings, sense of humor, goals, etc. If you could just stop staring at my breasts for a second, you’d probably like me as an actual person.”

Men do often get “passes”. Left and right. And here women are, in the year 2016, being criticized for silly things like being attractive, proudly owning our sexuality, breastfeeding in public and we can’t get a man to be held responsible for not looking at another woman while with us. 

Gender equality is far from being achieved.

We have to start holding men accountable for their actions. If we don’t, no one will. There has got to be a point where we draw the line. 

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