Stop Lying to Yourself. You’re Selling Yourself Short!

After sex with my boyfriend I lay in his bed with my blog on my mind. 

I received notifications, likes, new followers…

It dawned on me. This is what I want. I want to be a famous blogger. I want MY voice to be heard and to be IMPORTANT.

I cannot stop until it’s a reality for me. 

But often times I want to give up. I second guess myself every once in a while. 

I wonder if I really have what it takes to make this a full-time job. Do people really want to read my work? Do people care about what I have to say? I’m not sure.

But I’m not a pussy, so I keep working hard. 

Excuse my language. I just can’t lie anymore.

In today’s society everything is so watered-down and politically correct that no one is really living and enjoying their truth. 

I mean let’s think about “truth” for a moment.

Truth is what is. It doesn’t take much explanation. 

In the words of India Arie, “there ain’t no substitute for the truth. Either it is or it isn’t. You know the truth by the way you feel.”

What you feel is your truth! 

Now, ask yourself how you can live your truth if you’re always lying to yourself? You may wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and hate what you see, but lie to yourself and try to convince everyone that you’re confident and secure.

Or maybe you’ve been in a relationship and have been unhappy, and instead of living your truth and ending the relationship and moving on, you stick it out.

Stop lying.

You’re only diluting this wonderful thing called life. 

We should all choose to own our emotions, failures, insecurities, and accomplishments.

My biggest challenge when it comes to living my truth is overthinking. I sorta feel like I’m in a dreamland instead of reality because I drive myself crazy with my thoughts. 

I’m a work in progress.

Life should be RAW.



Make yourself be honest.

Have integrity.

God made you the way you are for a reason. 


Don’t lie to yourself.

Stop selling yourself short.

2 thoughts on “Stop Lying to Yourself. You’re Selling Yourself Short!

  1. So many people are paralyzed by the mere thought of being successful. They live there lives thinking about the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. In life we have to accept and live in our full truth in order to experience the fulfilled life GOD intended for us to have. Sis keep your head up follow your heart and never give up, especially when u feel like giving up…it means something powerful and great is about to manifest in your life.

    1. Wow, Shayna. Thank you so much for the encouraging words.☺️ you’re so right about living our truth. If we don’t, there’s no way to experience life as fulfilled as we should.

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