Valentine’s Day (2016) ❤️

This glorious holiday of love was two weeks ago (apparently this was never posted 😞) and I hope you all enjoyed it ☺️
I hope you gave love as well as received.

As everyone knows, I work at Whole Foods Market and when I started my shift yesterday I kept thinking, “I need to blog!” I was having a hard time thinking of a topic, but I eventually just decided to ask everyone about their plans for the evening. 

I met some interesting and funny people! 

Of all the women I spoke to, I discovered that most women value quality time instead of gifts. Or both. None of them only want gifts. 

Not surprising lol. 

Anyway, here are some of the interesting stories I heard and people I met yesterday.

  • A guy who was trying to make up with his girlfriend because he didn’t come home Friday night. His plan included making her some eggs. 
  • A older couple who decided to go celebrate a cousins birthday instead of making it about them.
  • A coworker who planned to take his girlfriend to get a $40 ring. Apparently she had horrible parents who never bought her nice jewelry.
  • A college student just doing math homework.
  • A woman who had been married for 37 years. Her husband didn’t even get her a card. She was a bit disappointed. 😞

Pretty interesting stories right?

I almost ruined my Valentine’s Day. I kept being so specific about what I wanted days before and when the day came, all I wanted was spaghetti and flowers. 

What makes Valentine’s Day special is the surprise of it all. Don’t be like me and ruin things for yourself. 

Happy VERY LATE Valentine’s Day everyone. 😁

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