Everything is Everything

Happiness. Misery. It’s all a part of being human. Life is an equation. Happiness+Misery+Sex+Death= LIFE.

That’s pretty much it!
I mean, think about it. 😐

Unless you’re a vampire, this is what you have to look forward to, for how many ever years you have to live on this earth.

The interesting part is that we all can decide how much happiness, misery, and sex we have.

I’m a true believer in controlling your emotions. I believe life is what you make it.

Sometimes you have to just grab life by the neck and make it do what you want!

If you want more happiness, turn every situation into a positive one. See the good in everything and choose to be optimistic.

If you’re a little twisted and enjoy misery. Do you.

Everything is Everything.

We’re all gonna die anyway.

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