Time Shouldn’t Be Money

How much is your time worth? That’s a good question, isn’t it?….

Not that easy to answer either, is it?

I currently work at Whole Foods Market. I’m a cashier. I calculated my compensation down to ten minute intervals. I make about $1.83 every ten minutes. If you ask me, that’s pretty sad. I mean that’s almost nothing. What can I do with that?


There are often times when I wish I had more time in the day so that I would be able to make more money. The reality for  working class people is that we exchange our time for money everyday.

I’ve become so focused on getting 35 hours a week that I barely have time for building my dreams. On my off days I’m sleeping. Any other day, I’m working. I’m like a robot. Everything revolves around work.

If we want money, we have to waste our time and build some other person’s dreams to make it. 😐

Unless you decide to change this like I’ve decided.

Theres so much more to come…

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