Romance, Shmomance

So, I’m sitting here thinking about my boyfriend, my life, and everyone else’s.

I realize that we really romanticize life!
Only to be let down when we discover life is not a fairytale.

Everyone has a life goal to find their “soul mate”, their “other half”… Blah blah. 

In our eyes they’re gonna be perfect and made just for us.

😑 What a bunch of bologna.

I believe I have several soul mates.

I’m at a point where I’m not looking for love.
If it happens, it does.
I mean I love my current boyfriend just like the other 2 I’ve had.

But really, what’s the point in romanticizing our relationship? Our boyfriends and girlfriends are far from perfect and always will be.

Not one will be able to live up to half of the impossible expectations you and I have.

So. Why. Waste. Time?

Today I choose not to.
A perfect man, who can read my mind, give me orgasmic sex every night, is loved by every single friend I have, and won’t ever hurt me does not exist. The truth is what’s more likely to happen is that I’ll have an opportunity to experience and build a life with a pretty decent guy. He’ll make me laugh, give me a couple orgasms a month, make me angry a few times a month, do sweet things every once in a while, probably think I’m too emotional, and be a little insensitive. But you know what??

That’s fine by me!


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