I am becoming such a smart, frugal, young lady!

Big ups to Aldi. I’m realizing how much money people waste when they don’t shop around when it’s time to grocery shop. It’s really unfortunate. I mean most of the same products that you can buy at Jewel Osco are at Aldi for almost half the price.

I went to Aldi downtown yesterday (I live in Chicago and I usually go to the one in my neighborhood, Englewood). This time, I went to the one up north on Clybourn because I thought they would have more produce,  since I’m starting my cleanse again 🙂 and they did. I noticed a few other interesting things as well.

They don’t use the “quarter system” which is a system wherein you must have a quarter to use a cart while shopping, that you get back when you’re done and once you return the cart.

The selection is so different there is so much more produce and wine.

Interesting. :/ We need more produce in my neighborhood Aldi.

Organic foods are making their way everywhere I mean, even in Aldis! It’s exciting to know more and more people are becoming aware of what they’re eating.

I’m starting to enjoy grocery shopping. Comparing prices is pretty fun lol.


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