So, I totally failed the detox. But, I guess I really didn’t. I just didn’t succeed the way I wanted too.

Yay! Positivity! lol 😊

Anyway, I lasted 5 whole days and it was very beneficial. In fact, I’m starting it again soon. I’m thinking I’ll do it once a month.

The hardest part was the no dairy part. Dairy is in EVERYTHING. I totally forgot dairy included mayo, butter, and cream cheese. I did feel lighter though without the dairy.

Another difficult part of the detox was the desire for hot food. I literally ate cold fruits all day and I craved something warm in my belly. 

I went to the movies. I know I totally set myself up to fail and couldn’t resist the buttery popcorn. Haha.

The easiest part was the junk food. It literally starts to become unappetizing after day 3.

On day 4, I itched. Crazy right?? All over my body. It was bananas.

I skipped my morning smoothie one day because I had to work so early and I felt terrible. I needed a fix. I had to eat a bunch of fruits on my break because of it.

The biggest benefit was the energy and the effect on my skin. It was awesome.


I’m gonna do this again and it’s gonna definitely last more than 5 days lol.


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