Women: We Apologize Way Too Often

“I’m sorry. Excuse me.”

“I don’t mean to be mean. I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry but, we have to let you go.”

“I know that you’re doing all this because you want to have sex with me but, I can’t. I’m sorry.”

I’m sorry but, I have to ground you.”


How about being unapologetic for once?

I noticed today as I was looking after my two nephews and niece that I apologize very often for things that need no apology. I mean I was telling them sorry for the bad things they had done. It’s my way, and I believe most women’s way of acknowledging the other person’s feelings. I guess it’s my way of being considerate.

What we don’t realize is that we may be allowing others to disregard what we say and do. This is why so often we are not respected in personal and professional relationships, especially by the opposite sex. It’s a man’s world. We gotta man up.

I thought back to when I was working at Speedway, and I realized that I apologized a lot there too! For things that a man would normally just state, you know? My boss was a woman and she was the type of woman most would call a bitch, but looking back now, I can respect her for the bitch she was 🙂 She was unapologetic.

Now, I most certainly believe that our sensitivity to the feelings of others can be of great use if the circumstances call for it, we just have to learn when to shut this on and off.

  • If I’m disciplining my kids in the future, I’m not saying sorry.
  • If I make an honest mistake on the job, sorry is okay.
  • When I’m late for a meeting, I’ll apologize.
  • If I have to fire you, it’ll be your fault, not mine. Sorry will not leave my lips.

I’m gonna run a business someday. I’ll be building an empire!

Apologies ain’t gone cut it.


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