Ways You Can Make Your Boyfriend Better

Yin and Yang

Male and Female

The saying goes: Opposites attract.

So, you just might balance your boyfriend out a bit. 🙂

My boyfriend is a know it all.

I love him but, he definitely has his flaws. Seriously.

He listens to respond. Venting to him is hard, lol.

He is getting better at it though. I’ve told him that the “listening to respond” thing is not always good. Every convo between us becomes a debate instead of a convo, lol.

I’m not perfect either. I am sometimes over emotional and he helps me to calm down. I can be dramatic.

What kinda boyfriend do you have?

Acknowledging the differences between you two can make the relationship more exciting. If you two truly care for each other, you want to see the other grow as a person.

Is your boyfriend bossy? Challenge him. Bring out your inner boss. This can promote growth in the both of you. If you can submit sometime, he should be able to as well. Also, bringing out your inner boss can boost your confidence 🙂

Is your boyfriend self-conscious? Tell him how amazing he is. Share the things that you love about him WITH HIM.

Is your boyfriend shy? Pull back a bit. Keep your mouth shut a bit and see if he opens up more for you. If and when he does, you’ll love it.

Is your boyfriend goofy? This can be annoying for me. Sometimes men can act like little kids. You know what I did?? I became a kid too. I used to be so uptight. Now, we poke fun at each other and I love it!

I kinda get a kick out of annoying him…. :/ hehe 🙂

It’s really all about give and take. What he gives, you may need and vice versa. 


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