Pizza With My Niece and Nephews!


Sooo…this past weekend was exciting! I spent a short amount of time with my niece and nephews, but it was worth it. We made pizza from scratch and they really enjoyed it. (Except the tiny one. He fell asleep while eating lol.) Anyway, I really love moments like this because I’m the aunt that’s REALLY BIG on creating memories. I wanna to take them to the Shedd Aquarium next. :):)

One thought on “Pizza With My Niece and Nephews!

  1. I love this!its so nice to have those great memories. We’ve been doing this think lately where I take pictures of EVERY outing we go on & come the end of the year, I’m going to put together a sort of photo-yearbook. You should try it!😊 looks fun & they’re such cuties!

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